Monday, June 30, 2008

Blow up yur t.v.

"Blow up yur t.v., move ta tha country, eat a lotta peaches, try n find Jesus on yor own"...ok, I like John Prine songs. We didn't technically blow up our t.v., but I did call our cable company last week to cancel our service. Mainly because we simply don't watch t.v. and thought we could save $50 a month by canceling. The kicker is that we do use the internet service that the cable company provides. Well, before I hung up the phone, they had me signed up for 12 months of digital channels plus internet for $3 more than it would have been if we only payed for internet service.

Long story, but once I contacted the local cable office I found out about some hidden expenses, and canceled it right on the spot...but got the internet for quite a bit less than the national office quoted. Media expenses such as newspapers, magazines, cable t.v., internet service, cell phone service, data download for cell phone, i-tunes....when added up together it spells expensive! We are trying our best to cancel services we simply don't use, or don't need, while having the ability to stay "connected" to the larger world and network of people and ideas. So, today I am using our internet service to work from home (not commuting, saving gas). This gives me the ability to see my family, take a break to take a walk, play a game of basketball, eat home cooked local food, and still get everything done for my employer.

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Elizabeth said...

Um...I think we did watch the tv, maybe a little too much. And we decided we didn't want to watch it as much. And that we can probably watch BSG online, right? ;-)