Saturday, July 5, 2008

Independence Day Black Raspberry Cobbler

A day before Independence Day, we made our way along Independence Road toward a place we are beginning to call "The Land"; an abandoned farmstead from the early 1900's. In our search for a place to grow, where we can swing into full tilt on our sustainable living plans, we discovered this hidden jewel. We had set out on our little journey to hike the pasture, and the woods that borders the pasture. We were elated to discover that in just about every nook of the farm, wild black raspberries flourished. Along with apples, strawberries, and blueberries to pick and preserve for the year, we very much wanted to find a good spot to pick raspberries for pies, jams, and such.

As we gobbled these small orbs of royal purple sweetness, we decided to pick enough to make a cobbler. We shared "Independence Black Raspberry Cobbler" with family on Independence Day. We also really hope things work out for us to secure "The Land" and we are saying our affirmations regularly.

Our hike through the pasture was enlightening, and I could envision cows grazing, chickens ranging, and deer nibbling at the edge. The soil smelled sweet, and the grass was healthy and chest high. We took a path into the woods to a rocky point above a creek that rushed on its way to the great Wabash River less than a mile away. Here on this overlook we had a great picnic break listening to the water and birds among the great oaks. Are we jinxing ourselves to want something too much that isn't ours? We can see ourselves making our home in this place, resurrecting the old farm and mixing in an elegant new production of food, spirit, and love. The owners are visiting here soon to make a decision about selling, so please cross your fingers and send good vibes for us!

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