Wednesday, April 14, 2010

100 things we've done

The other day Beth and I decided to just list off the top of our heads things we've done that are homestead related...and we ended up with 100...I think there are more...but just for fun:

Things we’ve done ourselves (together or separately):

Gave birth to 3 children at home
Raised our own pigs
Butchered a pig
Butchered chickens
Raised egg laying chickens
Built a coop
Built a screen room
Made bread from scratch
Preserved all kinds of foods including pickles, dilly beans, apples tomatoes and jams
Grow gardens
Knitted socks, sweaters and more
Restored a prairie
Installed flooring
Installed a home theater
Installed slate flooring
Painted our own house
Installed a wood burning furnace
Felled and split firewood
Killed rabid raccoons and an interloping rat
Remodeled a basement
Built fences
Change our own oil
Repaired radiator hoses
Replaced alternators and spark plugs
Fixed flat tires
Removed stitches
Made herbal medicines
Dyed with Henna
Made a self-watering container
Made a raised bed
Herded pigs
Loaded pigs
Made apple cider
Do our own taxes
Did my own divorce
Started my own business
Fixed our own computers
Did electrical wiring
Made pottery
Recorded our own cd
Made an instructional video
Repaired brake and light hookups for trailer while on the road
Repaired weight distribution bracket for camper while in Missouri
Wrote poetry
Delivered babies
Made doughnuts from scratch
Created websites
Taught guitar classes
Taught outdoor skills classes
Taught childbirth classes
Spun yarn
Fixed bicycles
Got out of debt
Fixed lawnmowers (too many times)
Patched the driveway
Sprouted vegetables and herbs to plant in garden
Made dandelion wine
Planned conferences
Cooked a lot of meals from scratch
Recycle most of our waste
Built a composting toilet
Repaired toilets
Repaired drywall
Navigated with real maps not GPS
Installed egress window in basement
Installed programmable thermostat
Transported & raised bees
Extracted and bottled honey
Made bath salts
Foraged for wild foods
Built a trail through the woods
Hunted for mushrooms
Rescued an unhatched chick
Nursed injured animals to health
Groomed our dog
Biked to work
Trimmed hair
Disinfected our well
Tested well water
Watered animals from creek
Mastered pie crust
Created a recipe
Remineralized a tooth
Constructed a masonry floor with antique bricks
Cleaned our chimney
Repaired shower tile
Installed ceiling fans
Installed larger oven and resized wall opening
Put in whole house water filter
Installed & configured computer & phone network
Reclaimed outdoor furniture
Made yogurt
Sprouted seeds to eat
Did newborn exams and screening
Did community presentations on healthy homes and water quality
Coached softball
Built a birthing replica for demonstration
Did our own business accounting
Canoed the Wabash & Blue River and Big Pine Creek
Made homemade ice cream

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