Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tastes Great

We feasted yesterday on a locally produced broiler chicken, with local carrots, onions, and green beans. Early this Spring we took a pledge to attempt to eat half of our food from local sources (within 100 miles of our home). We believe we've been attaining this goal. Our harvest basket from the Cooley CSA provides us with almost all of our vegetables and greens. We have been getting apples, peaches, and tomatoes from my parents' place. We picked blueberries at Prelock's, and strawberries from friends Sharon and Tom. Our milk comes from a local German Baptist farm, and for the most part our meat is also from local small farms. Our bees we'll give an update soon...we still don't know how well or not well they are doing.

As much as possible we've been canning and freezing excess for eating this winter. It has NOT been difficult. We have enjoyed learning and trying out various techniques and recipes. We spend very little time or money in the grocery store, and more time at the wonderful Sagamore West Farmers Market in West Lafayette.

One of our goals is to raise a good part of our own food on our small farm, starting with Beef calves and chickens.

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